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Restorative Justice Program

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What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice is an approach that focuses on addressing and repairing harms caused by holding the wrong doer responsible for their actions. The person(s) harmed, the wrong doer and their families meet with trained facilitators to discuss the offence and jointly develop a plan to repair the harm that has occurred.  This restorative process addresses both the causes and the consequences of offending- personal, relational and societal, in ways that promote accountability, healing and justice.

The Rural Red Deer Restorative Justice program is available to wrong doers (between 12 years and 25 years of age) and those they have harmed, who reside in or who are served by Blackfalds RCMP K division , Lacombe Police Service or Bashaw RCMP detachment.

What’s the difference between the Restorative Justice process and the Traditional Justice System?

Restorative Justice
Traditional Justice System
  • Participation is Voluntary
  • Individuals accept Accountability
  • Understanding approach
  • Harms are Repaired
  • Offender is supported to improve
  • Participation is Mandatory
  • Individuals are Punished
  • Blaming approach
  • Harms are Ignored
  • Offender is abandoned to worsen

Expected Outcomes

Short Term

  • Offender Accountability
  • Repaired harms
  • Repaired relationships
  • Victim satisfaction

Long Term

  • Reduction in recidivism
  • Lowered crime rates
  • Optimized Court use
  • Cost effective justice system
  • Individuals feel safe and connected to their communities.

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Increase Community Awareness- Request a Presentation!

Help members of your community, school, business or program to understand the benefits, principles and processes involved in restorative justice as an alternative to the traditional justice system by requesting an RRDRJ facilitated presentation. Just email debbie@rrdrestorativejustice.ca to make a request.

In addition, the program is always in need of the following if you can help:

  • Sponsorships– when you sponsor or provide a service to the RRDRJ program we will highlight your business or organization on this website as well as our other social media venues so that others in the community are aware of your contributions and support. Contact Dean at dean@rrdrestorativejustice.ca to become a recognized sponsor today!
  • Donations: Make a Donation or Purchase RCMP Commemorative Challenge Coin
  • Space! Do you have space that we might be able to use for pre-conference interviews or case conferences?
  • Work Experience- Are you an individual, program or business who would be willing to provide employment or work experience opportunities for youth?
  • Skill Development- Can you provide/offer training/education and skill development opportunities for youth?
  • Fund Raising- Do you enjoy fundraising? Volunteers to support fund raising activities are always needed
  • Community Awareness- Individuals with skills to help build community awareness campaigns and social media strategies can help to spread the information about the program in a positive way!
  • Facilitatorsif you think you would like to be trained to be a restorative justice facilitator- submit an application today!

If you are interested in supporting the Rural Red Deer Restorative Justice Program, in any way- please contact the Program Coordinator Debbie Leitch: debbie@rrdrestorativejustice.ca

Thank you to our partners and sponsors!

Platinum Sponsor

Alberta Community Restorative Justice Grant 2022

Gold Sponsor

Thank you to Vesta Energy for their financial sponsorship and community support!

Gold Sponsor

Thank you to Blindman Valley Propane Co-Op Ltd. for their financial sponsorship and community support!

Red Deer Polytechnic- Class of 2023 Justice Studies Student Society
Thank you to the Red Deer Polytechnic Justice Studies Student Society for their generous donation of $1500. Pictured above are Chris Charchun-President of the Justice Studies Student Society, Debbie Leitch, RRDRJ Program Coordinator and Noah Ribeiro-VP of the Justices Studies Student Society.

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