RRDRJ Community Advisory Council

Terms of Reference


Restorative Justice is an approach that focuses on addressing and repairing the harm caused by crime while holding the wrong doer responsible for their actions rather than focusing upon which law was broken and what punishment is required as a consequence.  It addresses both the causes and the consequences – personal, relational and societal – of offending in ways that promote accountability, healing and justice.

The Restorative Justice Community Advisory Council is guided by the core values of:  participation, respect, honesty, humility, interconnectedness, accountability, empowerment, and collaboration.


  • To provide direction and guidance to the RRDRJ program leaders and facilitators to ensure the program supports the delivery of a safe, accessible, appropriate and effective option for community-based response to crime
  • To serve as a resource to the Rural Red Deer Restorative Justice Program.


  • The RJ Community Advisory Council is co-led by the Blackfalds RCMP detachment School Resource Officer and the RJ Program Coordinator
  • Direct oversight is provided by the Blackfalds RCMP Detachment and the Red Deer County Police Advisory Committee


  • Participate in the development of goals and objectives for the RJ program
  • Participate in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the RJ program in meeting its established goals and objectives
  • Identify the need for and facilitate education related to crime prevention/reduction and restorative justice practices within the community
  • Assist individuals/teams involved in a difficult RJ situation to examine the issue by considering all perspectives and options
  • Recommend strategies to address complex RJ issues that arise
  • Identify opportunities and resources that support both person(s) harmed and the wrong doer
  • Provide a forum for discussion/debate around crime prevention/reduction and restorative justice issues.
  • Foster cooperation and teamwork between disciplines by encouraging the sharing of information as it relates to restorative justice matters.
  • Champion RJ initiatives in represented programs and areas
  •  Identify and seek community partners to join the RCMP Blackfalds Detachment and Red Deer County Restorative Justice Community Advisory Council.  


Members who fulfill the following roles in the community are identified as important members of this council.

Chairs: Program Coordinator and Blackfalds RCMP SRO  

  • RRDRJ Program Coordinator
  • RCMP and police partners
    • Blackfalds RCMP Leadership
    • Blackfalds RCMP School Resource Officer
    • Lacombe Police Service
    • Lacombe county peace officer (s)
    • Blackfalds Victim Services
    • Red Deer County and Blackfalds RCMP Police Advisory Committee Member(s)
  • Red Deer and Lacombe County
    • Red Deer County- Councilor (s)
    • Lacombe County Councilor(s)
  • Education/Schools
    • School Boards: Wolf Creek, Chinook Edge
    • School Principals/counsellors-Blackfalds and Lacombe
    • Student Representatives
  • Community and Social Services FCSS
  • AHS Addiction and Mental Health
  • Probation officer (s)
  • Community
    • Business Owners
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Youth Support groups- Boys and Girls Club
    • Clergy
    • Ethnic/Cultural Representatives
    • Residents of Red Deer/Lacombe County
    • Municipal leaders- mayor or town council member(s)
  • Restorative Justice Facilitators 


  • Bi Monthly meetings or at the call of the chair(s)
  • Meetings may be held in-person or virtually
  • Minutes to be distributed to all members and to the Red Deer County Police Advisory Committee

*Rural Red Deer includes Blackfalds, Lacombe and Red Deer County

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