Facilitator Orientation

Following your application and acceptance into the RRDRJ program as an RJ facilitator, you must successfully complete 4 training modules followed by individualized mentoring and preceptorship from a seasoned facilitator. You can be prepared for the training by pre-reading the book “Restorative Justice Conferencing” (Wachtel, O’Connel and Wachtel). This conferencing handbook will become a resource that you refer to often in your role as RJ facilitator.

Module 1

To complete Module 1 of the Facilitator orientation- view the following powerpoint presentation and embedded you tube videos and read the Rural Red Deer Restorative Justice Service Description manual.

Orientation module 1. There are 3 You-Tube videos embedded in this powerpoint presentation. Pause “play” on the slides with you tube videos and then directly click on the you tube link on that slide to watch the video.

The Rural Red Deer Restorative Justice Policy Procedure and Service Description Manual provides detailed information on the structure, vision, goals, processes, resources, forms and documentation requirements that you will need to be aware of.

Module 2A and 2B

Interviewing Skills

Module 2A. Once you have completed module 1 you can begin to work on module “2A- Interviewing Skills” by becoming familiar with the Facilitators’ Code of Ethics.

Review the RRDRJ Facilitator’s Code of Ethics by clicking on the image to the left. Test your knowledge by clicking on the link below and complete the Facilitator Code of Ethics Quiz.

Module 2B will be offered virtually or in person and will support your integrating knowledge about facilitating an interview into practice.

In preparation for the skill development component of Module 2B- Interviewing Skills, click on the picture to the left to learn how being an active listener will help you to facilitate effective interviews.

Modules 3 and 4

Both Module 3 (The Interview) and Module 4 (The Conference) will be done in-person so that you have the opportunity to practice and develop skills in both interviewing and conference facilitation. Once you have been accepted into the RRDRJ Facilitator role, the Program Coordinator will let you know the date, time and location for these sessions.

Module 3- The Interview

In preparation for the skill development component of Module 3- The Interview, click on the picture to the left to watch an example of an effective pre-conference interview.

Module 4The Conference

In preparation for the skill development component of Module 4- the Conference, click on the picture to the left to watch an example of an effectively facilitated restorative justice conference.

Following the completion of all 4 modules, the participant will receive a certificate of completion and be assigned cases along with a seasoned facilitator who will act as a role model, coach and mentor, prior to assuming an independent case management role.

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